How to Sparkscore

Get to a new level of opportunities with Sparkscore rating on your creations. It’s easy and free to get started. Create your own FREE sparkpost today.


  • Get a better understanding what people think about a particular work
  • Use your Sparkscore as social proof to market your creation
  • Stay in control of your Sparkscore by managing its visibility


Free sparkposts are currently available only to original creators who own the copyright to the content of their sparkposts. 10 Free sparkposts per account.

Create a FREE Sparkpost
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    Rate A Sparkpost

    Rating sparkposts is fun, easy, free and helps many good folks with their creative endeavors!

    Simply register a free account and you are ready to go! Already have an account? Login here. For your convenience, it is also possible to login with your social account. The list of accepted social accounts is available on the login/registration screens.


    Manage Your Sparkscore

    You can control the visibility of the Sparkscore for your account.  To Hide/Show your account’s score : Login > Dashboard > Profile > Your Profile > Check/Uncheck “Hide main account’s total/cumulative Sparkscore”



    The Points are used on to publish spark posts as well as earn badges. The Points can be earned by simply participating in site activities like rating and commenting on spark posts or they can be purchased (see below).

    Earn Free Points

    The Points can be earned by performing the following activities:

    • Rating others sparkposts (40 pt)
    • Receiving ratings on your own sparkposts (5pt)
    • Leaving comments on other sparkposts (50pt)

    Note: Providing thoughtful comments is both helpful to the creator and yields the biggest number of points awarded. However, comments marked as Spam will result in point penalties. Repetitive violations may serve as a basis for account closure. Points in each category currently have limits to prevent abuse.

    Purchase Points

    To purchase Points using PayPal enter the amount of points you’d like to purchase (min 1,000 pt) and click the Buy Now button. Must be logged in to purchase points on this page.


    Your feedback matters

    An opportunity to influence new and existing features.