How to tell if you’re underselling your art and get meaningful feedback.

How you price your art is influenced by many factors. Some are objective like materials cost and time, but most are subjective – market driven.  It is up to you to demonstrate and convince the market that your prices are fair and reasonable.

Say Hi to your new ally, Sparkscore

Sparkscore helps creative people like you enhance their offerings in the shortest time possible by providing unique, marketable ratings on products like fine art and photography. With Sparkscore you can see which of your products is more popular and how it compares to similar works by others. It’s a  new level of social proof that is more useful than ever.

Why Likes mean little

Likes without dislikes – are praise-only marketing devices that can be purchased. They are designed to spot buzz (a funny video, news). When it comes to social proof, they paint an incomplete picture and can’t be relied on. A high “likes” count often indicates the extent of one’s marketing efforts and exposure, rather than the quality of the product.

It’s all about human emotions

How does  our favorite art make us feel? Are these the same emotions every time? What do we appreciate? The answer will be different every time with each and every person. Sparkscore captures ones attitude all over the spectrum providing a hard-to-deny rating that is meaningful and useful for the artists. The rating that works.

What if I receive a negative feedback?

Use it to your own benefit. The absence of negative feedback is what makes most rating systems weak and meaningless. Negative and neutral feedback can be extremely helpful in finding ways you can improve. It can also be an indicator of highly resonating work. Of course, there can be some rating bias and it’s our goal to make the rating as fair as it can be.

A 45-year old unknown Arkansas artist tops the portrait category second month in a row…

Art markets tend to favor those with extensive resumes of art education, shows and exhibitions, because you can more easily justify a higher price. Nothing wrong with that. But how about talented individuals without such credentials, who produce quality work?  Sparkscore can justify a higher price for anyone.  Let the hard work speak for itself. Let the product be the primary factor of success.

How do I apply Sparkscore to my price per square inch calculations?

A solid Sparkcore will give you an edge when negotiating with any market player including dealers, galleries, agents, publishers, auction houses, appraisers and collectors. You can reference it on your website or other marketplaces.

You also stay in control of your feedback. Make it public, private or delete it – how you use it is up to you.

Put time on your side. You’ll be glad you started early.

Being compared to the greats can be intimidating. The cold truth is that many greats like Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer, Cezanne as well as some modern artists were unrecognized during their lives and endured financial hardships because of that. By starting to collect your Sparkscore now, you can save valuable time and increase the chances of getting where you want to be faster.

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