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A new way to level up your art career fast

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I get a lot of likes but what do they really mean?
  • I wish I could better understand what people like more.
  • How can I justify my prices and increase sales without any lofty credentials?

For many creative people marketing their art is not easy. Getting noticed is still pretty hard even in the age of the internet. Generating sales is another problem. Most websites are overcrowded. Social media can consume too much time and effort. Even collecting many likes does not guarantee you anything. Likes without dislikes don’t tell much and are hard to believe in.  Traditional gatekeepers have strict criteria and limited capacity.

Say Hi to your new ally, Sparkscore.

Now there is a better way to receive meaningful feedback to help your art business. Sparkscore is platform for creative people like you that helps showcase your work and generate useful insights from others feedback.

Sparkscore can help you:

  • Make better decisions
  • Increase sales
  • Command higher prices

How can I use Sparkscore for my art?

  • By default it offers insights about your work by going beyond simple likes. See how each work resonates with people, to justify what to make next.
  • In addition, a solid Sparkcore can give you an edge when negotiating with any market player including buyers, dealers, galleries, agents, publishers, auction houses, appraisers and collectors. You can reference it on your website or other marketplaces.

You also stay in control of your feedback. Make it public, private or delete it – how you use it is up to you.

Is Sparkscore free to use?

Yes. Simply register a free account and you are ready to go!

Do I have to rate others?

Not necessarily, but it is strongly encouraged. Rating others is easy, free and fun! It also helps many good folks with their creative endeavors! Just like honest voting is important for a strong democracy, honest feedback is crucial for any project.

What if I receive a negative feedback?

Use it to your own benefit. The absence of negative feedback is what makes most rating systems weak and meaningless. Negative and neutral feedback can be extremely helpful in finding ways you can improve. It can also be an indicator of highly resonating work. Of course, there can be some rating bias and it’s our goal to make the rating as fair as it can be.

Put time on your side. You’ll be glad you started early.

Being compared to the greats can be intimidating. The cold truth is that many greats like Van Gogh, Monet, Vermeer, Cezanne as well as some modern artists were unrecognized during their lives and endured financial hardships because of that. By starting to collect your Sparkscore now, you can save valuable time and increase the chances of getting where you want to be faster.

Energize your career – let’s score some sparks!

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